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Wednesday, March 6th 2013

12:04 AM

Baseball Workouts

Chin ups, Bench Press, Deadlift, Leg Press and Barbell Curls are some of the well known workouts. If anyone wants to play baseball, he must be aware about the importance of endurance and physical strength. To play base ball very well, player need to learn about twist, run, swing, hit and jump in a specific moment’s time. Along with the physical fitness, player should be fit and alert as well.

Baseball Workouts for Upper Body

•    Chin Ups

In this workout method, player should stand under the chin-up bar and hold the bar with the help of hands then lift the body up. Player must hang minimum for 10 seconds and after then slowly come down to the original standing position.

•    Barbell Curls

Stand along with the barbell in both the hands on the floor. Bend the legs slightly and keep the hands shoulder width apart. Player should hold the bar at arm’s length.

•    Bench Press

Lie down your body on a bench and body should be kept straight under the bar in such a way that you feet touch the floor and legs are bent.

Baseball Workouts for Lower Body

•    Deadlift

In this workout, players put weights at the end of barbell according to level of fitness and strength.

•    Squats

Keep a distance between hips and stand erect with the feet. In this workout, hip, knees and toes should have the same alignement.

•    Leg Press

On a leg space machine, player should laid down his body in a such a way that player is comfortable with that position.


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Tuesday, March 5th 2013

11:09 PM

Baseball Positions

The position of the players on the ground plays very crucial role in the game. There are nine different positions as per the fundaments in the baseball. When you observe layout of the baseball very carefully, you will find that it is divided into two parts – the outfield and the infield.

The fielding positions which need the players within the infield are known as infield positions, while the positions which require players to stand outside infield are known ad outfield positions. Outfield positions include the right field, center field and the left hand field, while infield positions include third phase, second base, first base and shortstop.

Below is the information related to baseball fielding positions, and tasks along with numbers and abbreviations.
  1. Catcher (C) – Takes the position in front of the umpire and behind the home plate, when pitcher pitches the ball.
  2. First Base (1B) – This player is playing in the area close to the first base. The first baseman guards the first base.
  3. Pitcher (P) – Throws/Pitches the baseball towards the batter with the objective of retiring him.
  4. Second Base (2B) – Guards the area that comes under second base. He plays a critical role in the double play.
  5. Shortstop (SS) – Takes fielding position between third base and second.
  6. Third Base (3B) – Stands near the third base and responsible for guarding it.
  7. Left Field (LF) – He covers the left area if player is standing at the home plate and facing the pitcher mound.
  8. Right Field (CF) – Covers the area to player’s right side if player is standing at the home plate and facing the pitcher mound.
  9. Center Field (CF) – Defends center field position.


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